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Re: TLJ Press Tour

Post by rey09 on Sat 13 Jan - 22:23

@naberrie93 wrote:Hi guys I don't know if you discuss this early, but I saw something about a Daisy interview in China and she calls Kylo a "scum bag". I don't believe that the same Daisy Ridley who said before she would like to play Kylo Ren, now it's calling him like that.

There is extract

Mtime: A lot of fans support Rey and Kylo Ren to be a couple. Daisy do you think they as a couple are true/believable/reliable/practical?Daisy: Not true/believable/reliable/practical, that’s just this simple, TLJ gave me a very different feeling, the audience’s opinion on Kylo Ren will change dramatically, Rey thinks Kylo wants redemption, she can understand him too, I am glad that they achieved some kind of understanding, but after all, Kylo is a scum/*******, so I think……
Mark: Hahahaha, he is just misunderstood, misses daddy.
Daisy: (mimicking Mark’s tone) He’s just very lonely. So I think, I can understand why fans think so, but I don’t support them to be a couple.
Translation via

Like, this is for real? I read that in a forum and everybody is acting like it's true and I don't understand. I think is fake news, do you have a reliable source about this?

Yeah this was discussed a lot in one thread. Basically the translation is from google which was pretty horrible so we doubt the use of her saying "scum." The video of this interview has also not been revealed so the evidence is flimsy. Some people believe it and shrugged it off (because at the end of the day Daisy's opinion does not matter at all) and others thinks it's fake (Daisy has always been very pro-kylo and has shown interest in reylo at various times). Someone said that this news outlet is known for its tabloid fodder and many in China don't believe it. Who knows!
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Re: TLJ Press Tour

Post by naberrie93 on Sat 13 Jan - 22:31

Yeah it's strange. Thanks for your answer Smile
If we don't have a video or something more reliable in the future I will call it Fake News.

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Re: TLJ Press Tour

Post by Dar-ren19 on Mon 15 Jan - 17:11

Has anyone asked Daisy if she said this?

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