Reylo's Possible Offspring (for the ever-expanding franchise)

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Re: Reylo's Possible Offspring (for the ever-expanding franchise)

Post by Teo oswald on Sat 03 Mar 2018, 3:30 pm

@Night Huntress wrote:
@giaciak2 wrote:
But I have doubts. Star Wars has communicated that with episode 9 it will close the Skyewalker saga.
Does it possible? With such a success they could give fans more movies about BEN SOLO and REY and their kids and I'm sure families would run to the movies.

Do you think the new heroes will be Ben and Rey's sons?

Okey- so... first of all. They can't really tell us exactly what their plans are regarding the Skywalkers because, with Kylo/Ben the last remaining from the Skywalker bloodline, it would give away too much regarding IX. You can argue the Skywalker Name is extinct already since Luke is dead and doesn't have any offspring (as far as we know). Ben is a Solo not a Skywalker.

And - ending the Skywalker-Saga doesn't mean they have to kill everyone (Ben) off. It can also mean they achieved happiness and balance and they won't plan on making more movies about them in the near future since there is no conflict left for a story to be told? But maybe after 10 + years we see something about their grown- up kids? From a financial perspective this would make much more sense. So they CAN make more movies but they don't have to... if they kill Ben that option is gone. Wouldn't be very smart in my opinion, but who knows?
@Night Huntress

what fans do not understand is that skywalkers are not the only family in the galaxy that uses force. it's powerful
  in them that's true , but there are thousands of people who can use it, some more, some less
  In the saga of star wars the protagonist family are the skywalkers but there are also other families, less important, that's all. Lucas and others focused on skywalkers but the Force is not a prerogative in the skywalkers as strength is not the Jedi's prerogative. that's why there were complaints and concerns when fans discovered that episode nine will be the end of the skywalker saga or that Rey is not a skywalker.
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Re: Reylo's Possible Offspring (for the ever-expanding franchise)

Post by Starliteprism on Sat 03 Mar 2018, 5:12 pm

@rawpowah wrote:Ugh no Broomboi please.

I'm thinking their kids, or one of them, could be born without Force powers and that is the main drama. The main lesson would be becoming a great hero in spite of not having these great powers everyone in your family has.

Haha...Can't easily sweep him under the carpet. No Wink
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Re: Reylo's Possible Offspring (for the ever-expanding franchise)

Post by rey09 on Sat 10 Mar 2018, 7:22 pm

Had a corny idea that they have a kid name Skywalker Solo, nicknamed Sky loll tongue
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