Leia Organa in Episode IX

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Re: Leia Organa in Episode IX

Post by SoloSideCousin on Sun 18 Feb - 8:19

@ZioRen wrote:Recast would be best for the story but I can't see the majority of the audience being cool with it. Leia is such an iconic character with an iconic actress. Look how angry people got at a different actor playing Han in a prequel, let alone this scenario.

A big portion of the SW fanbase would not like a recast, that is for sure. But how much would the GA care? Particularly the GA in countries that were not part of the original base of the OT (countries outside of North America and Europe)? I'm not saying you are wrong. I just wonder if the negative reaction would be as overwhelming as we think. We are all very entrenched in the SW fanbase, but would my college and high school age cousins, who are GA, really care? I don't think so, and that is the group that LF is trying to grab moving forward.

@Dar-ren19 wrote:
@IoJovi wrote:
@SoloSideCousin wrote:
@rawpowah wrote:@Dar-ren19 Well, they ruled out CGI, so the force ghost would have to be of an actress playing young Leia if they want Ben to interact with her. Unless they just need a shot of force ghost Leia looking at Ben from a distance (like the ghosts in RotJ), in which case they can just reuse stock footage they have of Carrie. In my opinion, at least.

I am honestly still hoping for a recast. They never said Leia wouldn't be in Episode IX,  only Carrie Fisher. If they did recast, I do think that they would wait until the last minute to announce it.

Same.  It’s interesting to me that while it’s been stated that Carrie Fisher will not be appearing in IX, and that no CGI will be used, no one has come out and said after all this time that a recast isn’t happening.  Not one word debunking that.  I’m of the mind that if a recast were on the table, they would have said it by now.  It also explains why the story for TLJ was left completely in tact, when they would have had a years time to make adjustments if they were to write Leia out completely.

I do know that the IX script has now been rewritten several times since Carries passing, which gives me pause that Leia might not appear at all and they may indeed have written her out.  However this also tells me they have had a very hard time nailing down a story without her in it, with or without Colin’s firing.  

If they ARE recasting, I bet it’ll be announced sometime next year, closer to the film’s release.


So you're saying that -- unlike us Trekkies -- SW fans don't get to know the minute somebody is cast in these films? Heh Laughing

@DeeBee loved your post! I am of the same mind and love your and @Let the Past Die 's thoughts on this. I would love it if they showed her writing (maybe from the back -- IIRC there was a shot of Leia from the back in one of the TLJ trailers, right?) and her hands with the rings writing. The idea of her hiding the letter in one of the Jedi text is just awesome! I was only a casual fan from the OT days, but I've become a fan it seems (LOL) and I'd be boohooing as well if this happened! Crying or Very sad

Btw, has anyone asked JJ or KK or anyone else whether they're interested in a recast Leia for EpIX?

To my knowledge, that question has not been directly asked, and it certainly does not seem to have been directly answered in anything I have read. Has anyone else seen anything?

Also, given the Rey and Kylo situation, and how no major Western interviewers asked about them until LF started giving hints, makes me think that LF has some control over these interviews. The fact that this question never seems to come up, nor has it been answered in any way (to my knowledge), makes me think it could still be on the table. It's definitely a delicate situation, and maybe the talk of them having to start over the screenplays is enough answer as far as they are concerned, but the LF has shown that they are not afraid to make massive changes in the middle of a project, so who knows?

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Re: Leia Organa in Episode IX

Post by Let The Past Die on Sun 18 Feb - 15:14

Thank you, glad you liked my thoughts and my rollercoaster gif in my signature. I keep hearing how it's going to be a rollercoaster ride from older members of the board, who went through the  lots of ups and downs and so called gates while waiting between TFA and TLJ.  So I've put it there to remind me to just enjoy the  experience.

Back to Leia, I've thought really long and hard about how I would feel if Leia was recast. I have to say my initial gut reaction is no, now I don't know whether that's because I'm from the era of the OT, it seems those of us from that time period struggle more with it, there are exceptions to that of course.  Plus after watching so many interviews with Carrie Fisher tailing about SW, and being Leia it just feels odd, like a previous member mentioned, it's already  taking me quite a while to wrap my head around a young Solo... Lol.

That's my gut reaction, my practical head says if they are not using CGI, think goodness, what else can they do?  They could just have Leia's funeral, or just surmise it in the opening crawl.  I just feel we, well I,  would like some closure on an iconic character. The best way in my head was as I mentioned above, Leia could be recast, but we only see the back of her.  @Dar-ren19 was spot on about the first trailer  which gave me the idea, we just see the back of Leia, but we have no doubts as to who it is. Her hands were shown and the rings just stood out to me this time in TLJ.

The idea of her writing was a brilliant idea from someone else. Although we see Ben's calligraphy set, the written word doesn't seem to play a big part of life. The written letter for us today is becoming quite rare within our own day with emails and texts. So when I receive a written letter, which is not very often, I have to say it's pure pleasure,as  its more personal.

So I imagined Ben receiving a letter from his mother,  how precious he would feel about it. It would be something to treasure and it's something tactile he could hold in his hands. Not only could it be about his inheritance maybe, but thinking on it some more, Leia could actually apologise for basically dumping him with his uncle all those years ago, perhaps even acknowledging Han's death and showing forgiveness and understanding because of the snare hold that Snoke had on him.

I think it would be a wasted opportunity to be honest, if they didn't do something like that, as we could see Leia (but not see Leia, if you know what I mean) get some closure for us the audience but mainly for Ben. But what do I know.. Lol, I'm just a film goer, I don't even claim to understand one bit about writing or films, it's just the scenario i liked best after considering so many.

That said, the more I see of  others ideas the more open I'm becoming to alternatives, not sure I'm quite ready for a full recast yet, as in seeing the whole of Leia interacting with others rather than the back/hands view. But maybe by next year, I'll be ready to accept what they show us in the movie even if it's in a total different direction from what I'm expecting.  Part of my  enjoyment of this board is the hypothesizing of what may happen in IX.
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Re: Leia Organa in Episode IX

Post by DeeBee on Tue 13 Mar - 0:40

Hi all, I've been exploring the empire film podcast interview with RJ and thought I'd share this quote here...

Empire Film Podcast. January 2018. Rian Johnson quote wrote: "Nothing changed," confirms Johnson. "We discussed it briefly, and I spoke with Kathy (Kennedy, producer and Lucasfilm boss) when we came back after New Year's. We watched through her scenes and there was briefly talk of, 'god, do we adjust something so that we give her some kind of end in this movie?' I felt strongly that we shouldn't do that for a couple of reasons. We have a beautiful, complete performance from her, and that final moment is so powerful for her, and for us saying goodbye to her. And also, I can't imagine anything that we would be able to manufacture without having Carrie that would've been emotionally satisfying. I definitely I have no idea what would maintain that scene between her and Luke, or the scene in the Falcon. So we just decided to let it lie. I know JJ's going to come up with a way to resolve her in the next movie.
Source: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/star-wars-last-jedi-empire-podcast-spoiler-special-rian-johnson/

The last line is a great comfort!
For me, this is confirmation that Kylo/Ben and Leia's history will have some resolution in IX... and it's not going to be sidelined. I was guessing this would be the case, but I'm really glad to read this confirmation nonetheless!
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